Maine increases license suspensions for Operating Under the Influence

A new law took effect recently that increases the length of a license suspension for a first offense drunk driving charge, or operating under the influence (OUI) as it is referred to in Maine.

Prior to December 1, 2013, the license suspension for a first offense OUI charge in Maine (without any aggravating circumstances) was 90 days. For those who are charged with committing OUI on or after December 1, 2013, the license suspension is now 150 days. This suspension can be imposed administratively by the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, even before going to court.

Another change to the law will allow offenders to have their driving privileges reinstated after serving 30 days of the suspension.  If all reinstatement requirements are met, including paying the reinstatement fee and completing the Driving Education and Evaluation Program (“DEEP”), one can petition the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for reinstatement upon the installation of an approved ignition interlock device.  The  Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles website has information about the vendors who are approved to install the device.