Military & Veterans Law

Our firm consists of military veterans and a prior active-duty JAG who can represent any service member on active duty or reserve status, as well as national guard members in all states who may be facing a variety of legal issues.  Our primary military and veterans law practice areas are below, however, please do not hesitate to inquire into whether one of our attorneys can assist you with any military-related legal issue.

  • Discharge Characterization Upgrades
  • Administrative Actions Responses
  • Non-Judicial Punishment/Captain’s Mast
  • Boards of Inquiry/Administrative Discharge Boards
  • Courts-Martial
  • Military Sexual Assault/Rape
  • Commander-Directed Investigations/Army 15-6 Investigations
  • Boards of Inquiry/Administrative Discharge Boards
  • Positive Urinalysis Tests
  • Flying Evaluation Boards
  • Security Clearances