About Our Firm

Libby O’Brien Kingsley & Champion, LLC is a law firm dedicated to providing our clients with practical results in an effective and responsive manner. Clients can expect personal and professional attention from knowledgeable and experienced attorneys for all of their legal needs.

The firm was founded in November 2007 by Gene Libby, Timothy O’Brien and Gail Kingsley Wolfahrt, all of whom previously practiced in the York County branch office of a large Portland, Maine law firm. Brian Champion joined the firm as a partner in 2009, and the current group of partners was completed in 2018 when Tyler Smith was admitted to the partnership.

The firm provides legal advice and services to clients in a diverse set of practice areas, including:
Appellate, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law with experienced Criminal Attorneys, Estate Planning/Wills/Probate/Trusts, Labor & Employment Law, Family Law and Divorce Lawyers, Personal Injury and Sports Law.