Personal Injury Law

Personal Injuries can happen at any time – to anyone. They can disrupt one’s personal and family life as well as one’s ability to work. These injuries can sometimes become permanent in nature, and will most always interfere with one’s enjoyment of life.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys are seasoned trial lawyers, who will represent you in your injury case. Most cases are taken on a contingency fee arrangement, which means the client does not pay an hourly rate during the case. At the successful conclusion of an injury case, the accident lawyer’s fees are obtained from the final compensation amount. All of the specifics of this arrangement will be discussed with you at your first client meeting. There is no charge for your initial meeting with our attorneys.

Most cases are resolved without having to go to trial. However, should your case need to go to trial, we will not hesitate to file the lawsuit and take your case to trial in court.

While there are no guarantees in life, at Libby O’Brien Kingsley & Champion, you will receive the dedicated, professional and personal attention that you deserve.