How to Hire The Best Lawyer For Your Maine OUI Charge

A person charged with a Maine drunk driving or operating under the influence (OUI) charge faces jail time, fines, and license suspensions. Consequences like these are why it is important to hire a qualified OUI defense attorney.

Finding the best lawyer for your OUI charge is no easy task. There is no “best” lawyer for OUI defense; there are many knowledgeable lawyers who do a fine job. Here are a few tips that will help you find a great attorney who can help you achieve the best possible result.

Avoid Lawyers Promising Dismissals or Other Results Without Reviewing the Evidence

Not even the best attorneys can guarantee an outcome in a case. A good attorney will tell you the strengths and weakness of your case, the range of potential outcomes, and the strategies best suited for reaching your goals. If an attorney at an initial consultation promises to prevent a license suspension, obtain a dismissal, or achieve some other result without having thoroughly reviewed the evidence, seek another opinion.

Choose An Attorney Who Focuses On OUI

OUI are among the most complicated areas of criminal law in Maine. Is the lawyer a member of any professional organizations focusing on drunk driving, such as the National College of DUI Defense? Can the lawyer explain how breathalyzers work? Does the lawyer regularly attend trainings about drunk driving defense, and stay up to date on scientific and legal developments in the field? Is the lawyer devoted to defending those charged with impaired driving, or simply claim to “handle” OUI cases? An attorney with OUI-specific qualifications is far more likely to find holes in the prosecution’s case against you and achieve the best result.

Avoid High Pressure Consultations

A good OUI lawyer will understand the importance of choosing the right lawyer. Under no circumstances you should you feel pressured to immediately sign up with the lawyer at an initial consultation, nor should you be discouraged from speaking with other attorneys. A good OUI lawyer will be able to tell you why they are a right choice to defend you without resorting to high pressure sales tactics.

Choose A Lawyer Who Clearly Explains the Law and What To Expect

OUI charges are complicated. When charged with OUI, two parallel proceedings are triggered. First, an administrative license suspension proceeding before the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Second, a criminal proceeding in Maine’s Unified Criminal Court system. Your lawyer should be able to clearly explain to how the entire process will look from your perspective, and what steps need to be immediately taken to defend your case. A Maine OUI attorney must understand the differences between the two proceedings, how one may impact the other, and the interplay between the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Maine Unified Criminal Court.

How We Can Help You

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